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Conveyor mounted needle detector for wide products -

Two models are available to detect metal contamination in wide products.

  • Flat search coil.
    Search coil is mounted under the conveyor belt. this type of detector will detect needle contaminations in the product passing on conveyor.
  • Tunnel type search coil.
    Product is passed through the needle detection unit (search coil) mounted on the conveyor belt. Detection sensitivity of this type of metal / needle detector is very high not only for needles (made of ferrous material) but as well to contaminations made of stainless steel and variety of alloys, brass, aluminum, etc.


  • Reliable detection.
    Stable, high sensitivity reliable detection.
  • Easy operation.
    Detection is carried out just by placing fabric on the conveyor belt.
  • Self calibrating electronic control unit.
    ND-820u evaluation electronics, include self calibration functions, this mean metal / needle detector will initially scan few times each product, analyze product characteristics, and automatically calibrate metal detector for the most optimum set-up.
    Each setup is stored in separate memory location, and can be recalled during product change over.
    Up to 200 product set-ups can be stored.
  • Automatic Reporting. Each routine manual test of the needle / metal detector can be documented, and automatic report can be printed by the ND-820 control electronics.

Standard Specifications



Effective detecting width:-

1,500 or 2,000 mm

Effective detecting height:-

150 mm

Belt speed:-

20(50 Hz), 24 (60 Hz) m/min

Length of conveyor:-

1,800 mm

Response to detecting contamination:-

Conveyor stop automatically, issuing simultaneous audio and visual alarm.

Supply voltage :-

100 (220) VAC 50/60 Hz

Power consumption:-

Approx. 300 VA

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Needle detection system for apparel industry

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Needle detection system for apparel industry

ND-757 conveyor mounted needle detector for up to 1,500 (2,000) mm wide product

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