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Conveyor mounted needle detector -

NISSIN "Mother's Eye" Series Needle Detectors combine an unique Search Coil with build-in Control unit. This solves quality control problems of needle fragments contamination in apparel products.


  1. High Detection Sensitivity
    of broken needle fragments. Maximum Sensitivity Fe. 1.0 mm dia. Needle detector with the height of the search coil aperture of 100 mm can detect needle fragment equivalent of Fe. 1.0 mm dia.
  2. Noise and Vibration Resistant.
    ND-398 needle detector can work without any decrease in sensitivity even in the case of vibrations from the floor and noise from sewing machines.
  3. Improved and compact Search Coil.
    Because of the built-in control unit, down-sizing can be achieved as compare with conventional model. Advanced system reliability is resulting from newly developed search coil arrangement.
  4. Option:-
    Date and time recording for routine quality control tests. All sensitivity check, setting and routine check are recorded.

Standard Specifications



Maximum sensitivity:-

A tip of sewing needle (ferrous) broken at needle hole

Test piece:-

Ferrous ball 1.0 mm dia.

Adjustment of sensitivity:-

6 levels of sensitivity are available

Effective detecting width:-

614 mm

Effective detecting height:-

100 mm

Belt speed:-

20(50 Hz), 24 (60 Hz) m/min

Complete length of conveyor:-

1,500 mm

Response to detecting contamination:-

Conveyor stop automatically, issuing simultaneous audio and visual alarm.

Supply voltage :-

100 (220) VAC 50/60 Hz

Power consumption:-

Approx. 300 VA

Net weight:-

Approx. 300 kg

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Needle detection system for apparel industry

ND-398 conveyor mounted needle detector







Needle detection system for apparel industry

NS-5107 automatic needle detection and handling system for hanger line

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